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Kelly Blumenthal

Office for Astronomy Outreach, International Astronomical Union, Tokyo, Japan
Published onMar 01, 2020
Kelly Blumenthal


Kelly Blumenthal is currently a project scientist for the International Astronomical Union, in partnership with the Kavli Institute, working to develop evidence-based training for astronomers on strategic science communication. She earned her PhD in theoretical astrophysics from the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa in 2019. Throughout her PhD, Kelly performed outreach and public engagement activities by way of a number of different programs, and developed a strong appreciation for communicating science to the public through accessible and equitable means. For this reason, she decided to pursue a masters degree in education policy and management from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, which she received in 2020. Kelly is also involved in a number of other projects, including teaching a course on cultural, ethno- and archaeoastronomy to an excellent group of high school students in Hawai'i. Kelly's entire body of work is dedicated to effective and equitable science communication, and she strives to understand the nuances that exist across cultures in pursuit of this goal.

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