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Data Science and AI in Context: Summary and Insights

Forthcoming. Now Available: Just Accepted Version.
Published onJun 14, 2024
Data Science and AI in Context: Summary and Insights


This paper explores how to deploy data science and data-driven AI, focusing on the broad collection of considerations beyond those of statistics and machine learning. Building on an analysis rubric introduced in a recent textbook by the author and three others, this paper summarizes some of the book’s key points and adds reflections on AI’s extraordinary growth and societal effects. The paper also discusses how to balance inevitable trade-offs and provides further thoughts on societal implications.

Keywords: data science, artificial intelligence, context, data science education, societal concerns, regulation

06/14/2024: To preview this content, click below for the Just Accepted version of the article. This peer-reviewed version has been accepted for its content and is currently being copyedited to conform with HDSR’s style and formatting requirements.

©2024 Alfred Spector. This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 4.0) International license, except where otherwise indicated with respect to particular material included in the article.

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