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Data Science as a Foundation for Inclusive Learning

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Data Science as a Foundation for Inclusive Learning
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Nov 01, 2019


STEM fields such as computer science and statistics have traditionally struggled to increase participation from underrepresented groups such as women and minorities. And while progress has been made in developing more inclusive classroom pedagogies and programs, rates of representation have remained low over the past 20 years. The emerging field of data science with its roots in both computer science and statistics faces the same challenges, but also presents a unique opportunity to build a more inclusive framework for the teaching of STEM. The widening application of data science methods to nearly every field imaginable in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities opens up avenues for engagement based on what students care about and the challenges they are most interested in tackling. Data science therefore provides a unique opportunity to build an inclusive STEM curriculum from the ground up that connects with multiple disciplines as well as the personal passions of students.

Key words: education; inclusive teaching; pedagogy; STEM; curriculum; statistics; computer science

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