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Is ChatGPT More Biased Than You?

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Published onJun 20, 2024
Is ChatGPT More Biased Than You?


AI is changing the world in ways that are difficult to forecast, but the impact will surely be enormous. Large language models (LLMs) are the most recent AI system that has captured the public eye. The rise of AI and LLMs offers efficiency and assistance, but raises questions of job loss, fairness, and societal norms. Bias is a significant challenge. Educational reforms are needed, and legal frameworks must adapt to address liability and privacy issues. Ultimately, human choices will shape AI influence, highlighting the need for responsible development and regulation to ensure benefits outweigh risks.

Keywords: economics, education, ethics, large language models

06/20/2014: To preview this content, click below for the Just Accepted version of the article. This peer-reviewed version has been accepted for its content and is currently being copyedited to conform with HDSR’s style and formatting requirements.

©2024 Golnoosh Babaei, David Banks, Costanza Bosone, Paolo Giudici, and Yunhong Shan. This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 4.0) International license, except where otherwise indicated with respect to particular material included in the article.

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