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LaTeX Guidelines

Information for authors submitting work in .tex format

Published onJan 26, 2021
LaTeX Guidelines

Submitting LaTeX files1

For authors working in LaTeX, HDSR requires the use of our journal template, available on Overleaf. When submitting to Editorial Manager, authors may upload files directly to the system as well as provide a link to their manuscript in Overleaf. 

While downloading this template does not require an Overleaf account, we do use Overleaf to facilitate copyediting and production for accepted works to expedite the production process and simplify the process of making errata and addendum. Authors are encouraged to work in Overleaf, especially if invited to submit a revision after initial decision.

Authors working in LaTeX should create a single .tex file for the full manuscript and supply separate image files, if applicable. JPEG and PNG are preferred for online; please do not use PDFs for images.


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