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Peyton Jones

Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Published onMay 19, 2021
Peyton Jones

Peyton is currently a junior at Harvard studying Integrative Biology with a minor in Statistics at Harvard College. She is very interested in how biological phenomena can be modeled and predicted through mathematics, especially as it relates to population genetics and bioinformatics. She is currently an intern with NASA Ames working on an educational outreach project that makes bioinformatics lessons accessible to students, and will be working as a research assistant with the American Museum of Natural History this summer to make inferences about occurrences of Horizontal Gene Transfer across the Tree of Life through computational methods. On campus, you can find her working in the Hecht Lab, at the QRAC (Quadrangle Recreational Athletic Facility) with the Harvard Climbing Club, or in 14 Plympton St editing for the school newspaper.


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