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Data and Code Depositing Guidelines

Information for data repositories and policy
Published onJan 26, 2021
Data and Code Depositing Guidelines

Data Sharing Statement1

Data are important products of the scientific enterprise and should be preserved for  future uses. HDSR requires, as a condition for publication unless otherwise waived (e.g., for protecting data privacy), that all data necessary to replicate published results should be archived in a well-supported archival repository, such as the Harvard Dataverse repository ( HDSR maintains a Dataverse instance, where authors are required to deposit the data file, code file, and any supplementary materials in their deposit and provide the citation to the dataset, including a persistent identifier and repository name, at the time of formal article submission. The dataset in Dataverse will not be released until the article is published, and only the authors and reviewers (or anyone designated by HDSR as necessary for processing the review or publication of the article) will have access to the dataset before the article’s publication.

Data, code, and related files used to replicate the results in the manuscript can be uploaded in any format to the HDSR Dataverse instance. However, we recommend that tabular datasets be uploaded either as an R data frame, an SPSS file, or a CSV file. The Harvard Dataverse recognizes these formats as tabular data and automatically generates summary statistics and provides variable information, which allows users to better understand the data. Interactive demonstrations can also be uploaded to the HDSR Dataverse instance.

If code has been used in the study, then that code should be deposited with the data. It is highly recommended that, whenever possible, the code be open source. In those cases where sensitive data cannot be made available in the repository, exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief or their designator.

By default, data deposited in the Harvard Dataverse will be given a Creative Commons 0 waiver, thereby allowing it to be reused for any purpose, with the expectation that the data will be cited when reused. If data has already been deposited in a repository other than the Harvard Dataverse, then the author is required to deposit the data into the HDSR Dataverse instance and add a link to the original dataset. Once a dataset is deposited in the Harvard Dataverse, the data citation must be listed in the article’s references.

 If a dataset is larger than 1TB, please contact HDSR for guidance.

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