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From Left Behind to Left Out: Generative AI or the Next Pain of the Unconnected

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Published onJan 30, 2024
From Left Behind to Left Out: Generative AI or the Next Pain of the Unconnected


There is no doubt that Generative AI (GAI) will affect the unconnected more than what is stressed in current AI debates. The fact that they are left behind in terms of internet access prevents them not only from accessing online information, but also from using GAI. GAI generates new material from online data, material that will be used again in the development of new GAI systems. Thus, the philosophy and reality conveyed by online data that do not always hold, especially among unconnected communities. The expanding use of GAI will thus perpetuate and create further harm to the unconnected. This pain will continue to grow as long as they are left behind in terms of access. There is a pressing need to connect the unconnected, if we do not want them to suffer the pain of being left out in the development of AI systems due to the lack of data.

Keywords: generative AI, unconnected, Internet access, discrimination, AI ethics, data

01/30/2024: To preview this content, click below for the Just Accepted version of the article. This peer-reviewed version has been accepted for its content and is currently being copyedited to conform with HDSR’s style and formatting requirements.

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