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Javin Pombra

Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Published onNov 01, 2020
Javin Pombra

Javin is currently a student studying Computer Science and Applied Math at Harvard College. Javin’s main research interests include deep learning recommendation architecture and systems. Javin has explored this topic through the work he is doing with the Harvard Computer Architecture Lab and as a machine learning intern with live-streaming start-up Javin is also interested in Bayesian Neural Networks and questions of fairness of modern machine learning algorithms. Javin’s past work includes internships in data science for financial institutions and major presidential campaigns. Javin has also previously worked as a machine learning consultant for a variety of organizations including large utilities and consumer technology companies. Javin is originally from the Bay Area and will be working in the McKinsey San Francisco office as an incoming intern in its Digital Practice. 

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