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Lara S. Schmidt

Sargent Aerospace & Defense, Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A.
Published onApr 10, 2020
Lara S. Schmidt

Lara Schmidt is Principal Director of Strategic and Global Awareness at the Aerospace Corporation. In this role, she leads a portfolio of technical intelligence analysis activities providing international context to U.S. national security space program planning, acquisition, operations, and policy communities. Prior to joining Aerospace, Lara served in various analytic leadership positions at the RAND Corporation, focusing on national security issues including: cybersecurity; cyber effects estimation; integration of cyber operations into campaign plans; threats to military missions and the associated risk to the warfighter; target development practices; approaches to resilient space operations; special operations and irregular warfare; and formalizing data collection to support planning for cyber operations. She recently completed a four-year Secretary of Defense appointed term on the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board where she chaired both the Innovative Space Applications panel and the Science and Technology Reviews. Lara has held leadership positions with the American Statistical Association, including serving as the Chair of the Section on Statistics in Defense and National Security. Lara holds BS and MS degrees in mathematics and a PhD in mathematical statistics.

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