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Don St. Pierre

AdaptEdge, U.S.A.
Published onSep 20, 2023
Don St. Pierre

As the co-founder and chairman of AdaptEdge, Don St. Pierre is pioneering new frontiers in the wine and spirits industry. This new venture is a testament to his profound influence over 34 years as an entrepreneur, shaping the distribution and sales channels within the sector. His crowning achievement, ASC Fine Wines, emerged under his leadership as the most esteemed foreign-owned wine import company in China, heralding a new era in a rapidly evolving market.

Don’s expertise extends beyond establishment to advancement; he has been instrumental in fostering strategic growth, innovation, and sustainability across markets at varying stages of development. His strategic contributions have been pivotal in the evolution of Vinfolio and Fine + Rare, culminating in a best in class global direct-to-consumer fine wine marketplace. In more recent ventures, Don has embraced the roles of advisor and investor with Vivino China, helping to steer its nascent journey, and with Vino-Joy, where his insights are fine-tuning the growth of an already thriving platform.

His dedication to industry progression is further evidenced by his contributions as an advisory board member to Vinexposium, as an entrepreneur-in-residence at Harvard Innovation Labs, and as an advisor to the Harvard Data Science Review. Acclaimed for his visionary leadership, Don has been knighted in the French Ordre du Merite Agricole, recognized by Decanter Magazine as one of the Top 50 Global Wine Industry Power Players, and honored by Wine Enthusiast as the “International Man of the Year” in 2011. Complementing his professional accolades is his personal joy as a father to three daughters and as husband to Monica Xu St. Pierre, his partner and co-founder at AdaptEdge.

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