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Shuang Lu Frost

Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark
Published onMar 01, 2020
Shuang Lu Frost


Shuang Frost is an ethnographer of technology and innovation and is currently an assistant professor of Digital Innovation and Business Transformation in Aarhus University, Denmark. Before that, she worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at University of Southern California Marshall Business School. She recently completed her Ph.D. of social anthropology at Harvard University, with a secondary field in Science, Technology and Society (2020). Her dissertation “Moralizing Disruption: China’s Ride-Hailing Revolution” explores the emergence, contestation, and moralization of ride-hailing platforms in contemporary China. During 20 months of ethnographic fieldwork spanning six years, she immersed herself in communities of computer engineers, corporate managers, on-demand drivers, hackers, and labor contractors, exploring how different groups of actors participate in and make sense of the changes brought on by ride-hailing platforms. In addition, she has studied a wide range of communities such as taxi drivers in Hangzhou, beggars in Northwestern China, slum dwellers in Shanghai, and AI policymakers at global conferences. Through all of these projects, she explores how individuals make sense of economic and technological changes in contemporary societies, and how they navigate a shifting landscape of precarity and opportunities. Her recent publications include “Platforms as if People Mattered,” “Uber in China,” and “Devaluing Human Labor.” She is also committed to using her research findings to inform technological designs and public policies that could empower individuals in global technological transformations. She is currently serving as the China representative for global think tank The Future Society, working on artificial intelligence policy research and community building between academia, governments, and industries. 

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