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Analytics and Data Science Standardization and Assessment Framework

Article forthcoming in June. Abstract now available.

Published onApr 30, 2020
Analytics and Data Science Standardization and Assessment Framework


As the industry races to harness the power of data, demand for data professionals is growing at an increasing rate. However, almost every organization has a unique way of defining roles in data science and associated skills and knowledge. This has resulted in a confusing industry landscape for employers, academic and training institutions, and existing and aspiring data professionals. This report is the first in a series authored by Initiative for Analytics and Data Science Standards (IADSS). We review the history of data science, which we trace back to 1974, and emergence of data science as a profession in the industry, followed by a classification of knowledge and skills commonly associated with data professionals, pointing out to a lack of detailed and consistent treatment of the topic. We then present a Data Science Knowledge Framework, that we believe can support industry standardization and building measurement and assessment methodologies for data professionals.

Keywords: data science roles, skills and knowledge, hiring and assessment, industry standards


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