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Robert Williamson

Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering, College of Engineering and Computer Science, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

Published onApr 10, 2020
Robert Williamson


Robert C. “Bob” Williamson is a professor in the research school of computer science at the Australian National University. Until 2017, he was chief scientist of DATA61 where he was responsible for the science vision. He was instrumental in creating Australia's Information and Communications Technology Research Centre of Excellence (NICTA), serving as Canberra laboratory director, machine learning group leader, scientific director, and CEO. He lead the writing of a report for the Chief Scientist of Australia on new technologies and their impacts. His research is focusd on three broad areas of machine learning: compositional theoretical foundations, including several recent works on fast rates in learning and the structure of loss functions and measures of information; architectural issues of large machine learning systems, and social aspects of machine learning, most recently focusing on questions of fairness. He is a fellow of the Australian Academy of Science and the Australian Mathematical Society.


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