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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs from proposal to publication
Published onJan 26, 2021
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How technical should my article be?

A: HDSR publishes a wide range of content, so how technical an article is depends on which section it appears; see What we Publish.

Q: How long should my manuscript be?

A: HDSR does not have a firm manuscript length requirement. However, content must justify length. We encourage authors to write concisely and engagingly. Editors and/or peer reviewers may recommend that authors edit their page count in order to develop the most successful HDSR paper.

Generally speaking, content in the Panorama section and Columns (including Bits & Bites) averages 2000-5000 words, while content in the Cornucopia, Stepping Stones, and Milestones & Millstones sections averages 4000-12,000 words. These numbers are only for reference; submissions do not need to adhere to them to be accepted.

Q: What is a media summary?

A: A media summary is a plain-language summary of an article for general audiences and press releases. We include media summaries with our most technical content. Media summaries should be no more than 400 words, or approximately 1 single-spaced typed page.

Q: I already have a full paper to submit. Do I have to write a proposal?

A: Yes. All unsolicited content undergoes proposal screening with our editorial board prior to being invited for full manuscript submission and formal peer review.

Q: What is an ORCID ID? Do I need one to submit?

A: An ORCID ID is an identifying number that researchers may elect to use to organize their publications. More information is available at the ORCID website. When submitting to HDSR via Editorial Manager, the system prompts authors to include an ORCID ID if they have one. It is entirely optional for our publication.

Q: Do I have to have an account in Editorial Manager to submit?

A: The corresponding author must have an account to submit.

Q: Can I just e-mail you my paper?

A: No, we only accept submissions via Editorial Manager.

Q: Why are you only accepting submissions via Editorial Manager?

A: In using a formal submission management system, we ensure that no manuscripts are lost due to technical difficulties with e-mails. Editorial Manager provides a clear, organized dashboard for our staff to view all manuscripts and streamline tasks. The system also maintains a record of editorial and peer review tasks, upholding our mission to conduct thorough and proper peer review.

Q: Do I have to have a PubPub account to submit?

A: No, you do not need a PubPub account to submit. However, we do require that accepted authors create accounts. For more information, see our Publication Policies.

Q: How do I leave comments and annotate using my PubPub account?

A: PubPub has information on how to engage with interactive content here. HDSR encourages thoughtful commentary and discussion of our published content.

Q: I’m having an issue with my PubPub account/using or navigating the site.

A: For questions or concerns regarding our digital platform, please contact [email protected].

Q: What is a preview image? Why do I need one?

A: When an article is accepted for HDSR, we request that authors supply a preview image to use in our table of contents (for example, our COVID-19 special issue) or as an accompanying image on Twitter. Preview images create a more visually dynamic site but also add appeal when sharing article across social media. For articles that have images and figures, authors may elect to select one of their own pictures as a preview image. Preview images should be submitted as .jpeg or .png files and should be at least 1200 x 600 pixels.

Q: My article doesn’t have images. What do I use for my preview image?

A: Our authors have used trustworthy license-free photo sites such as or

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