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Stephen Blyth

Professor of the Practice of Statistics at Harvard University

Published onApr 10, 2020
Stephen Blyth


Stephen Blyth is Professor of the Practice of Statistics at Harvard University, and winner of the Phi Beta Kappa prize for excellence in teaching. His book, An Introduction to Quantitative Finance, was published by Oxford University Press. Dr. Blyth was previously President and CEO of the Harvard Management Company, responsible for managing the University’s endowment. He joined HMC in 2006 as head of international fixed income, and subsequently held roles as head of internal management and public markets. Before joining HMC, Dr. Blyth was Managing Director and head of global rates proprietary trading at Deutsche Bank, and Managing Director at Morgan Stanley. Dr. Blyth earned a PhD in statistics from Harvard University at age 24, and an MA in mathematics with first class honors from Christ’s College, Cambridge, where he was Third Wrangler. After Harvard, he was a lecturer in mathematics at Imperial College, London.


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