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David Uminsky

Data Science Institute and Department of Computer Science, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
Published onApr 10, 2020
David Uminsky


David Uminsky joined the University of Chicago in September 2020 as a senior research associate and Executive Director of Data Science. He was previously an associate professor of Mathematics and Executive Director of the Data Institute at University of San Francisco (USF). His research interests are in machine learning, signal processing, pattern formation, and dynamical systems. He was selected in 2015 by the National Academy of Sciences as a Kavli Frontiers of Science Fellow. He is also the founding Director of the BS in Data Science at USF and served as Director of the MS in Data Science program from 2014–2019. During the summer of 2018, David served as the Director of Research for the Mathematical Science Research Institute Undergrad Program on the topic of Mathematical Data Science.

Before joining USF, David was a combined NSF and UC President's Fellow at University of California, Los Angeles, where he was awarded the Chancellor's Award for outstanding postdoctoral research. He holds a PhD in Mathematics from Boston University and a BS in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College.

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