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Bhramar Mukherjee (2018–2021)

Department of Biostatistics; Department of Epidemiology; Michigan Institute of Data Science (MIDAS); Rogel Cancer Center, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A
Published onFeb 24, 2023
Bhramar Mukherjee (2018–2021)

Bhramar Mukherjee served as co-editor for Harvard Data Science Review from 2018 to 2021. is John D. Kalbfleisch Collegiate Professor and Chair, Department of Biostatistics; Professor, Department of Epidemiology, Professor, Global Public Health, University of Michigan (UM) School of Public Health; Research Professor and Core Faculty Member, Michigan Institute of Data Science (MIDAS), University of Michigan. She also serves as the Associate Director of Cancer Control and Population Sciences, The University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center. She is the cohort development core co-director in the University of Michigan’s institution-wide Precision Health Initiative. Her research interests include statistical methods for analysis of electronic health records, studies of gene-environment interaction, Bayesian methods, shrinkage estimation, analysis of multiple pollutants. Collaborative areas are mainly in cancer, cardiovascular diseases, reproductive health, exposure science and environmental epidemiology. She has co-authored more than 200 publications in statistics, biostatistics, medicine and public health and is serving on PI as NSF and NIH funded methodology grants. She is the founding director of the University of Michigan’s summer institute on Big Data. Bhramar is a fellow of the ASA and AAAS and is the recipient of many awards for her scholarship, service and teaching at the University of Michigan and beyond.

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